News is defined as a report or information that has happened recently. People used to seek information about the current events for both local and international news to catch up with what is new and what should be needing awareness on. With the help of medias that are not foreign to us, namely, television, radios, and newspapers, to send out what is happening. But, advancements has been made and changes are taking place. Are there differences with daily news?

The internet has it all. That is what most of the people now believe. Information of even the oldest of the old can be excavated from the Internet as long as it is placed there, whether it may be removed, deleted or still present. And, no surprise the internet holds different ways for people to connect and share information. Making it easier for all of us, to know what are the latest news.

Yahoo, is just one example of the internet’s body that gives people the latest news when a user opens their website. But, what most people use now to share the current news is the famous Facebook. During calamities, like the great impact of Yolanda, families from different countries used Facebook as the medium of contact, to know how their family members, left in the Philippines are doing. Waiting for the newspapers and television would have taken them a while to know if their families are still alive. Giving them a longer time to keep getting worried.

Using the old information media (TV, radio, newspaper) is still very useful. But, with new technologies being made today, sometimes it becomes outdated than the news given in social medias. Surely, the advanced way, which is through the internet, is faster and easier, because as Bill Gates once said “The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.”