Atik Ra has been released for several months, by the singer Jacqueline Chang. The song became one of those OPM (Original Pinoy Music) songs that many Filipinos have loved to listen, sing a long with, made their own versions of and used for performances on different events. The song also shared familiar meanings and memories to those who have experienced the heartfelt pain the singer has put down in words.

This song is delivered in Cebuano. It talks about the story of how they had love to share mutually with each other, yet, there was no relationship that would have to end because their was no strings attached to hold them. But, this kind of story was somehow out of the usual. What has caught our attention about this song is how the singer reminisce every single reason that finally led her to let go and move on with the company she has wanted to have. She also continuously found a way to realize that the kind of love she was receiving was somewhat just a bluff, which has not just interested us, but also to several other people.

In how the person found a way to move on with her life, after being so in love. With all the troubled thoughts she just wanted to forget, using “hugot” or deep emotional quotes, is one of the reason the song is a great catch. Especially, because it is a strong message for all the brokenhearted. This gave it an even deeper feeling that many has enjoyed.

In every song and message that people read, write, listen to or even just passes by, there is a heartfelt moment in a persons life that many others may or may not have gone through. It is always worth sharing because, a beautiful creation sometimes starts from a scar of your kahapon (yesterday).